Can Julian Assange Trust the Integrity of the UK Supreme Court? Absolutely Not.

Jude Fleming
6 min readJan 25, 2022


Since its inception, Wikileaks has sought information for publication which is suppressed or censored and would have ethical, historical, political, human rights or environmental public interest. The greater the suppression, the higher value the content and the greater the urgency to publish it.

If you had evidence of UK corruption, involving the UK Supreme Court, politicians, partnered countries (eg. Sweden, U.S., Australia and Ecuador) and assessed it to have the potential to free a dying journalist in a UK prison, wouldn’t you publish it? Would you hesitate to publish it because it puts the spotlight on Britain? The U.S.? Russia? China? Africa? North Korea?

Wikileaks is a small organization that does not cower to political pressure to suppress information that should be made known internationally. If there are secrets of ethical, legal or political importance, Wikileaks is the publisher of last resort, regardless of the country involved. It embodies courage to “publish or perish” for the higher good of the “public’s right-to-know”.

Two years ago I forwarded the full FOIA annexes of UK CPS email disclosures to Wikileaks and followed up with numerous articles, tweets, challenges, phone calls and urgent appeals for it to publish the full set of 445 pgs which I located online from the UK’s own government site on Feb. 1, 2020. To date, Wikileaks and other Assange supporters (including his fiancee) have ignored the link to those documents and participated in the suppression of the information contained therein.

Why am I concerned? Because those emails contain irrefutable evidence that the UK Supreme Court was not impartial in its handling of Assange’s case 10 years ago. The evidence of judicial misconduct is astounding. The integrity of the entire UK judiciary should be questioned. Although it is good news that Assange has been granted permission to take his case against US extradition to the UK Supreme Court (UK SC), the bad news is that based on previous UK SC decisions and legal trickery behind the scenes, it is obvious that there is no possibility of a fair hearing. The integrity of the UK Supreme court is nil. It is corrupt. There is evidence.


Exactly 10 years ago a lawyer from the UK CPS wrote to the Swedish prosecutor handling the Assange case, Jan. 24, 2012
The SC will know that the oucome will have an impact on numerous current pending EAW cases, no matter what. Cases are being adjourned regularly pending the outcome in Assange”.

Pg. 258 from Aug. 3, 2017 Annex 15, FOIA CPS disclosure

We don’t want history to repeat itself, therefore we must urge Wikileaks to educate the public about how the UK SC was corrupted and weaponized against Assange. Otherwise, we already know Assange’s outcome will again be predetermined and negative. He will predictably be extradited to the US, no matter how well his defence lawyers argue, work or advocate on his behalf. That’s what happened between 2010–2012 and that’s what will happen going forward.

It’s important to note that the wheels of US injustice have been working full time across 91 agencies, with full time staff, internet access and Assange’s own defence papers and exculpatory evidence. He doesn’t even have access to his own belongings, devices, manuscript, laptops or paperwork which he requires to defend himself. Assange is a highly intelligent person. Not only is he the defence subject, he is also an important part of his own legal team. His input, direction, technical abilities (eg. to prove the sequence of events if/when he communicated with Chelsea Manning) have been important in his defence. Keeping him in Belmarsh has been effective in cutting him off from participating actively and meaningfully in his own legal defence. He is essentially in a straightjacket. He is arbitrarily detained. Any messaging to the contrary from UK media, politicians, House of Commons or judges in the UK are lies.

Assange’s best hope of justice, freedom and indeed life is to leverage the very tool and organization he co-founded; Wikileaks must index, publish and report on the UK Supreme Court Scandal, Kier Starmer’s role at the Crown Prosecutions Service in rigging the judiciary against Assange and certify the fact that Assange has been arbitrarily detained. This fact is accurate and irrefutable.

From March 9, 2012 : “[…] there is now a large back log of extradition cases which are in abeyace pending the outcome of Assange.”

pg. 271 from Annex 15, Aug. 3, 2017 FOIA CPS disclosure

If Wikileaks is not in the business of reporting truthful facts which are in the public interest, then it is obvious that it has deviated from its original mission. Perhaps it has been infiltrated by one or some of the 91 agencies within the Directorate of National Intelligence (which includes the CIA, FBI, NSA et. al.)? If that is the case, what do we do? I have challenged Wikileaks integrity for 2 years, only to be stonewalled, ignored and sidelined.

I am not fabricating evidence. I am not delusional. My reasoning is logical and compelling. My research, reporting and conclusions could be used to challenge the integrity of the UK courts, trigger an inquiry into the Assange Case and have him released from Belmarsh immediately. The findings are that explosive and powerful.

For my part, I have tried to inform the public, raise the alarm, challenge Wikileaks leadership and even Sarah Goncalves-Devant (aka. Stella) to no avail. It appears that they both want to put Assange through the same corrupt process that he endured 10 years ago, pretending that the integrity, independence and impartiality of the UK Crown Prosecution Service, judiciary and even the UK Supreme Court are sacred, immutable and incorruptible, despite the contrary evidence.

It is crucial that the facts are reported, emails made searchable and that the UK Government be held accountable for this series of corrupt decisions, which have been done in secret, likely at the highest governmental and inter-governmental levels. It is crucial that Wikileaks be challenged on its lack of integrity and unwillingness to uncensor these explosive findings. If there is a Cover Up, Wikileaks should be uncovering it, not cooperating with it.

Regardless of my own personal history or challenges in life, the facts are the facts. Don’t shoot the messenger, but also, don’t allow Assange to die behind Belmarsh walls just because you don’t want to amplify my work. It may be distasteful for Hrafnsson and Goncalves-Devant to link to my work or even the full set of CPS emails for fear of “association” with me. Apparently, they prefer to subject Assange to the same corrupt machine of UK injustice and participate in the conspiracy to censor and kill him rather than expose the truth.

Let that sink in. Assange’s worst fear is that Wikileaks is usurped by the US intelligence agencies. A veritable feast for finding whistleblowers and feeding the Espionage Act prosecution machine.

I’ll give the last word to Julian Assange from Oct. 21st, 2019:

“This is not equitable. I can’t research anything. I can’t access any of my writing. It’s very difficult where I am [Belmarsh]. I’m up against a superpower with unlimited resources. I can’t think properly.”

To put it in other words, Assange did not have the benefit of equality of application of the law. This really is not equitable. He is absolutely correct.