Five Essential Facts Found in Annex 15 Assange Emails

Jude Fleming
2 min readDec 2, 2020



  1. Assange was excluded from the most recent revision of British extradition laws pertaining to an arrest warrant from November 2010.
  2. Britain acknowledges that the Assange case is one of psychological warfare, not justice (pg. 232).
Guerrilla / Psychological Warfare, pg. 232.

3. Britain’s Supreme Court handled the Assange case irregularly, informally at “break neck speed”

4. Britain altered the order of the European arrest warrant cases through adjournment and abeyance methods with the knowledge that it would have legal effects upon scores of pending cases.

5. Britain acknowledges that UK judges may “already have their minds made up…” (pg. 219) prior to court hearings.

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NOTE: Assange did not have access to the full set of emails after Maurizi obtained the first batch on Aug. 3, 2017 (over 3.5 yrs ago). But why?