Assange’s Hell and the U.S.’s Heist

The search is being carried out under the authorisation of a judge and following a request for judicial assistance from the United States, the statement said, adding that other countries had also made similar requests.

If officials do decide to confiscate any of the whistleblower’s belongings these will be sent to Ecuador for analysis and then possibly passed on to those seeking judicial assistance.

Translation of letter above
Police outside the Ecuadorian embassy amid reports that officers have searched through Julian Assange’s posessions from the Ecuadorian embassy in London (EPA) via Evening Standard
Translation of letter confirming seizure and inventory of Julian Assange taken by Ecuador.
General inventory of property of Mr. JULIAN ASSANGE at the embassy of ECUADOR in London (See note in final line)
23 OE APRIL 2019
Inventory of Assange’s belongings pg.2
Inventory of Assange’s belongings, pg. 3

In the words of former CIA Director Mike Pompeo,

“I was the @CIA Director. We lied. We cheated. We stole.”

One of the pages shows, for example, the drawing, with children’s strokes, of a man with the rope around his neck. It may well be a figurative prophetic image of his own destiny.

This is what the room where Assange had his office looked like, hours after his expulsion and turned over to the Police of Great Britain. Documents, equipment, furniture, cell phones, books were found. Photos: staff of the embassy in London.



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