What’s Become of Wikileaks?

Jude Fleming
5 min readJan 9, 2022

Not much, unfortunately. A dozen items on Assange’s To-Do List.

If Julian Assange had his way as the politically imprisoned, out-of-commission deposed lead publisher of Wikileaks there is no doubt he would be reporting on the Conspiracy to Arbitrarily Detain and now Murder him. It’s ironic, but also tragic. The organization which he co-founded could be leveraged for his freedom but it is not. Those who have been silent are complicit in his abduction, ongoing torture and possible assassination. The current, interim Editor in Chief should be summarily fired and exposed for what he is: a parasitic entity of the U.S. and U.K. surveillance and war machine.

If Julian Assange magically had high speed internet access, a functional laptop, access to his legal team in person or by encrypted phone, access to his belongings which were seized in April / May 2019, access to his own book manuscript of his life, access to the digital devices / memory sticks which could prove his defence case and access to social media… What Would Assange Do (WWAD)?

For starters, he would employ technology and the internet to broadcast the truth for the public to know and future generations to know. He would wield Wikileak’s power to tell his own story. It’s unfair that the power of Wikileaks with over 5 million followers on Twitter and social media channels has been withheld from him, even by his “inner circle”. There seems to be a leak in the Wikileaks history.

If Assange were on bail, that would all be possible. That is what terrifies the U.S. and U.K.. He’s not a flight risk, he would become a full human with normal methods to defend himself. That terrifies the United States and Britain. They would rather asphixiate him behind Her Majesty’s Prison walls.

For brevity, What Would Assange Do? WWAD?

  1. Report on the full set of emails between Britain and Sweden while he was on house arrest and then kettled in Ecuador’s UK embassy. They are the key to freeing him. Take 4 min. to watch this.

2. Digitize all of the emails to make them easy to search using keywords or names, eg. abeyance, backlog, pending the outcome in Assange, scores.

3. Conduct a full press release and press conference to educate the public about the findings which amount to a prejudicial weaponization of the UK judiciary to detain, torture and potentially murder him. He would teach exactly *how* Britain professes to be the epitome of legal and judicial integrity, separation of politics from court proceedings (aka. independence of the judiciary) and Kier Starmer’s (former Director of Public Prosecutions) role in conspiring to exclude him from regular legal processes afforded to other individuals. The judges in Britain are forbidden to be impartial, just or actually apply the Law equitably. Assange is Specimen A in the predictable and incremental implementation of the Assange treatment which will be deployed on all other courageous publishers, journalists, micropublishers, youtubers, tiktokers, instagrammers or artists.

4. Collaborate with other media partners (aka. co-conspirators) to inform the public.

5. Report on the Assange Exclusion Clause thesis I’ve developed, along with full disclosure of the Assange Policy (which I coined for the multinational mobbing by numerous countries including his own, Australia).

6. Report in detail on the daily and cumulative torture he’s endured for 4041 days, 1000+ of which he’s spent in Belmarsh maximum security prison and contrast/compare it with the Standard Operating Procedures at Guantanamo Bay.

7. Conduct numerous media interviews and lectures outlining the irregularities and cheating tactics used against him over 11 years.

8. Retrieve all of the data from his digital devices (cameras, usb sticks, hard drive back ups).

9. Review the *backlog* of submissions to the Wikileaks drop box which have either served as alerts for the U.S. National Intelligence agencies or cataloguing of sources. Get on with verifying the submissions, publishing and reporting on them.

10. Begin legal proceedings against Kristinn Hrafnsson and any other lawyer on his defence team who withheld the full set of emails from him. Chastise Stefania Maurizi for the same. Silence is complicity. It is also often greed, sloth or incompetence.

Can you spot the 2 CIA assets (ie. spies) in this inner circle?

11. Publish his book (the manuscript was stolen) which could correct the decade long shredding of his reputation, legacy and character in the media. If Assange had access to his manuscript it would have been published by now, e arning income through sales which could be directed to his legal expenses (excluding Sarah G-D). Can you imagine how happy the United States is that it seized Assange’s unpublished autobiography? Do you realize the power that holds? The amount of “intelligence” (factual tid bits) it yields? How Assange’s version of his own life will never be known? How the U.S. can rewrite it, revise and edit it until after he dies, his CIA-wife gets the publishing rights and becomes very rich — for assisting in kidnapping him April 11, 2019, using the manuscript to earn false trust among Assange’s most intimate circle and for all of the tours, interviews and fame that will come of it?

12. Begin writing the sequel to his draft *stolen* manuscript — between April 11, 2019 and now — over a thousand days of incarceration in Belmarsh maximum security prison. Read this email and tell me Assange is not arbitrarily detained. I will call you a liar.

If the U.K. and U.S. are so terrified of giving Assange basic due process, regularities in the legal process and in courts, allowing him to have access to his own belongings and privacy of his person, defence and health, then you know there is an enormous secret or set of secrets which are being suppressed with extreme force and finance.

Freak out people. When the Publisher of Last Resort Abandons its Founder and leaves him to rot in a jail cell in Britain or a concrete block in the U.S., Freak. The hell. Out.

The past 1005 days of hard jail time, revocation of his Ecuadorean citizenship, (and essentially his Australian citizenship), seizure of all of his private belongings, numerous charade UK court hearings with limited media access and flexible deadlines for US prosecutors to improvise longer detention, in increasingly severe conditions, the fishtank at the back of the court, bail denials, strip searching, exposure to COVID19 in jail, lack of functional tools to defence himself… all of it… This could have been prevented.

We need to unite to prevent his death in custody. Now.