The Shiptons Go Where Assange Fears to Land: The United States of America

Jude Fleming
5 min readJun 6, 2021

HomeRun4Julian Tour is now underway. The Shiptons have miles to go and many people to meet. They are like global politicians representing the global public on a cross country tour to free Julian Assange from a living hell. Their mission is to save the life of Julian but also to inform us, the global public, about what’s at stake if the U.S., (in collaboration with other countries Sweden, U.K., Ecuador and Australia) snatches this intellect, freedom fighter, journalist, author and teacher for his work as a publisher. He has and is risking his life on our behalf; to educate us and to shift the balance of power away from those who could abuse it.

Here is a link to the tour dates for John and Gabriel Shipton as they fight not only for their family member (son and brother) but also for our freedoms. If you are in the U.S., please show up, exercise your right to assemble and to associate with other Assange and Press Freedom supporters.

Everything that is happening to Julian Assange will happen to each one of us if we don’t demonstrate to the President of the United States, Joe Biden and the Department of Justice that this issue is worthy of attention. The U.S. must drop the charges against Assange who is one of the most important allies of the Global Public in the past century. Right now he needs funds to defend himself as Britain grinds him down in prison, having committed no crime — in solitary confinement, exposed to COVID, no internet access, sleep and nutritionally deprived and unable to confer with his legal team privately nor in person. It is a wretched situation. It is not “just”. How can he fight a superpower with unlimited resources and an army of employees? He cannot fight this alone. He needs an army of outraged and concerned Global Citizens to show up, speak up and if possible make a financial contribution to his defense. He needs $2 million to defend himself at the next stage of the U.S.’s efforts to extradite him.

If you are unable to attend the HomeRun4Julian Tour, please join me in a calm, non-denominational meditation to support John and Gabriel in their travels, meetings and speaking engagements. I started this meditation in November 2019 and called it the Freedom Novena for Julian Assange, thinking I’d only be praying for a miracle for nine days or nine months. I recorded myself doing a guided meditation with Jennifer Berezen singing in the background. Her song is called “Returning”. That is what we want for Julian Assange: We want him to return to society, the internet, his family, colleagues and to his place as the Editor in Chief of Wikileaks. We want him to return to health and belonging among us. We want his human rights returned to him. Right to free speech, free press, freedom of association, freedom from arbitrary detention, right to due process, right to legal representation, right to medical care and essentially, his right to exist.

Easy-peasy directions: It’ll take about 15 minutes.

Click on the link, press the triangle in the top right hand corner, put headphones or ear buds on if you have them, breathe for Julian Assange, breathe for everyone involved in his case. Bring your breath to an unjust, cruel and acute crisis for humanity.

Listen to it multiple times in a day. Put it on loop. Listen to it alone or in a group. Play it during meal times with the family. Play it in your car. Play it while you take a stretch or a walk away from your computer / screens. Dance to it. Or just sit still in one spot like a guru who yearns for world peace, justice, truth and compassion.

I frequently do the meditation while I am massaging my dogs who are blue heelers/ cattle dogs.

If you are an atheist, this meditation is a good practice for you. No Bible thumping involved. If you are Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or a hybrid of all of them, please join the meditation for a miracle. Only Universal Love can get Julian Assange out of the dark place he inhabits, under impossible circumstances.

Do this meditation everyday during the HomeRun4Julian tour in support of Julian Assange, John Shipton, Gabriel Shipton, Global Citizens, international journalists, independent bloggers and victims of torture or asymmetric vidolence and violations of human rights, including environmental rights.

Give it a whirl. If it’s not your thing, no problem. If you are a multitasker, layer it into your day in whatever way that helps you effect the change the world needs right now. It might be mind-altering!

Finally, I take full credit for the bells. I know they are too loud, but when I recorded it I had a small Chinese wind chime within reach and I was using my phone. The bell is a signal for your consciousness to focus on your breath, in the here and now and also to focus on Julian’s breath and his here-and-now (which is hell).

“We breathe for Julian Assange.

We are grateful for this time together.”

Post script: I started a Doggos4Julian a few years back but it didn’t get much traction. I know the Shiptons are dog and cat lovers so they would love to meet your best mate Doggos, especially the cattle dogs while they make this pilgrimmage across the U.S. to save Julian. I know the heeler moms and dads are fanatics about this breed (me included) so make it an outing for the pack! Bring water. Dress them up with some Wikileaks Shop swag pet bandanas !

Much love and expanding solidarity,