The Assange Policy

Jude Fleming
3 min readJun 25, 2021


Bend the rules. We will look the other way.

Is there an unwritten policy against Julian Assange, educator, publisher, author, speaker and journalist? If so, who is following it? What are the unwritten rules? Much of this post will overlap with my thesis on Gaslighting Assange techniques which will eventuate into a book (soonish).

  1. Bend the rules. Pervert the laws. Take all the lawyers, legal monies, time and politicians as necessary. Stand up in the House of Commons and call Julian Assange names alongside the repeated lies/ gaslighting talking points. Watch:

2. “The illegal we do immediately. The unconsitutional takes a little longer” . ~ Henry Kissinger on Freedom of Information Act requests by journalists and citizens.

Assange was illegally denied due process, equity before the law and was detained arbitrarily.

Laws were manipulated and the Supreme Court was weaponised against him (unconstitutional)

3. No matter what collective of professionals is protesting against how Assange is being treated, ignore them. Stonewall. Gaslight. Bat them away like they are uneducated morons. In fact, publicly discredit them as lawyers, doctors, journalists or human rights defenders. That’s what Phillip Hammond did following the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) in Feb. 2016.

4. Publicly condemn attacks on journalists and publishers but overlook what is being done to Julian Assange. Discredit him as a journalist. Mislabel him as anything but a journalist.

5. Meet in wine cellars of influential persons (eg. judges, politicians, wannabe-politicians, restauranteurs) and drink wine that could be auctioned for hundreds of thousands of pounds (GB) while assuring each other that you won’t be the one to break the code of silence on Assange. You won’t be the one to look sympathetically on him. Justice is for everyone, of course, except you-know-who.

6. Host guests from the United States, Sweden, Australia and Ecuador. Invite them to meet royalty. Promise to get over to their countries. Let them stay at your private hotels, apartments, cottages, boat houses or wherever and then email them to say “I hope you enjoyed your vacation”.

7. Don’t mention the breach of international law. Ever. Don’t mention it to the United Nations. Ignore the guy that wrote reports about the torture Assange is enduring. Ignore the reports, letters, requests for meetings. Delete a bunch of emails. Cover up the tracks of our misdeeds.

8. Whenever someone does something awful toward Assange, give him a knighthood. Especially if that person is Kier Starmer who “served” Britain as the Director of Public Prosecutions (D.P.P.) the entire time Assange was detained (Dec. 7, 2010) until he was abducted, publicly shamed and put into a Covid-cubicle in Belmarsh maximum security prison in a not-so-posh part of London, U.K.. If a Canadian woman requests documents on Starmer’s role in the Assange travesty, just tell her to STFU in polite-British lingo. (Note: My request yielded *in excess of 10,000 results*). The request was refused by the UK Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Here is the link that tells me how many documents are on file but it would be too costly to retrieve or send them to me.

9. Don’t permit the media to report factually on the Assange case. Block access to court proceedings. Mess up internet connections. Restrict online access to court proceedings. Put Assange in a fish tank during court hearings and then get court artists to draw pictures that don’t demonstrate how awful the situation is. Make sure the microphones are barely audible, there is static in the speakers and fluorescent lights, have people slam doors, click pens and cough unexpectedly.

Who is participating in the Assange Policy? Most mainstream media, especially the co-conspirators of the Wikileaks publications. Assange’s life is at the mercy of media reporting and it is failing him. It is following the Assange policy, likely under the pressure from governments and media owners.

Pause — I’m pretty ticked as I am writing this. I need to take a break from my rage.

The Assange Policy is the foundation of the Assange Exclusion Clause, wherein Julian Assange was denied due process, equity before the courts and consistency in the application of proportionality.

Redux: There is only one collusion: The Assange Exclusion