Britain’s Chess Game Against Julian Assange in Two Moves: Jump + Bump

1. JUMP — Britain put the Assange case ahead of other EAW cases by adjourning “scores” of them, thereby generating a backlog of pending EAW cases. It was put at the front of the line. It jumped the queue. It was fast-tracked and processed at break-neck speed in an irregular manner.

Other cases were “being adjourned regularly”, “held in abeyance”, thereby creating a “backlog” of the other EAW cases. The Assange case was processed at “breakneck speed”, the debate had “gone into hyperspace” and the result was a negative outcome for Assange. The EAW against him was deemed “valid” at the Supreme Court on May 30, 2012.

“…there are now a large back log of extradition cases which are in abeyance pending the outcome of Assange.”

2. BUMP —

Assange was bumped from the queue of EAW’s that would be processed under the revised 2014 extradition framework. His case was bumped to the back of the line after a negative outcome was determined. He did not have equity before the law. His case was handled irregularly. First the UK jumped his case to the front of the line. The EAW was deemed valid (negative outcome) based on the non-revised extradition framework. The framework was revised to be proportionate so that uncharged persons could not be extradited. A clause was added to the framework which stated that EAW’s deemed valid prior to the new framework would not qualify for adjudication under the revised framework. It would not be applicable “retrospectively”.

It means that after Assange was put at the front of the line, ahead of other EAW cases, he was then bumped from the line (queue) for court processing according to the *REVISED*, more proportionate framework and was therefore excluded from the new standard for making decisions about who could be extradited from Britain.



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