Assange Had a Few Buns in the Oven, Including a Forthcoming Book

GASLIGHTING ASSANGE Series Forward (Part 15)

Julian Assange, partner Stella Morris, Gabriel and Max

Prior to being illegally abducted from Ecuador’s embassy in London, Assange had a few-buns-in-the-oven. Turns out he fell in love and conceived two sons with Ms. Stella Moris without the world knowing about it. He also kept a personal diary and began writing his next book(s). Ecuador seized all of Assange’s belongings and moved them to it’s capital city, Quito for deep inspection and sharing with other countries who may have an interest in rifling through them. It was the heist of the century. Ecuador was handsomely rewarded and won the favour of Donald Trump, which affords more favours.

Among the forfeitures, Ecuador took particular interest in Assange’s writings: a handwritten black notebook and a manuscript. It’s been reported that Assange’s next book, an autobiography due for release in 2020, addressed the problem of inaccurate, persistent, antagonistic and internationally distributed propaganda levelled against him over the past decade. The book’s goal is to correct-the-record about him; his motives, background, role in the 2016 US Election, and to reply to the many false accusations against him to which he has been unable to reply since March 2018 when he was cut off the internet.

“Your story has not been told” is a note he made to himself in the black notebook. The book is his “reply” to the decade long smear campaign. Remember, he has lacked freedom of expression for 2.5 yrs while his adversaries have multiplied, organized, been online, formed propaganda socials-armies, not-been-tortured, not been in a filthy maximum security jail, and have had access to lawyers, friends and family. Assange has become a punching bag for a gang of media thugs who get rewarded for lying, spreading lies, amplifying partial truths, penetrating circles of support then betraying information, sowing division among supporters and introducing confusion and complexity to a straightforward case. Assange is a journalist, educator, publisher and public speaker with an astounding intellect, encyclopedic knowledge of world history, focus, research abilities and a technical visionary (ie. computing, math, futurism). Those with power wanted to stop him and they have succeeded. Those with power want him to play the role of the Villian in Donald Trump’s new Reality TV Show about killing press freedom. Just like China. Just like Russia. Just like Saudi Arabia.

Trump has befriended these dictators and used his position as President of the United States to learn from the most successfully tyrannical world leaders how to beat their own citizens into permanent submission, obedience and cheerleading. Butchering Jamal Khashoggi was fine with Saudi Arabia and fine with Trump. Building a futuristic “smart” concentration camp for Muslims in China using multi-modal biometric human surveillance to enslave them was fine with Trump. The Uighurs were Trump’s lab rats for what he plans to unroll after November 2020. You get the point.

Trump’s detainees in his future concentration camps will include more migrants, more kids, more bloggers, some journalists, lawyers, employees of Amnesty international, anyone speaking up for Palestinians, anyone speaking against racism or gun violence, or Big Pharma, the Military / Surveillance / Agricultural / Food / Health / Oil, Mining industries. Basically, all activists for any cause which would promote a better world, sustainable environment. If Trump succeeds in extraditing Assange from the UK to the US, he will be eager to find a way to also extradite Greta Thunberg for endangering US National Security. And Britain will help, just like before, in collusion with Sweden. Oh, and Chelsea Manning, transgender and LGBTQ *pee-pull* (people, pronounced as two separate thoughts), they all belong in his shiney, new, tech-loaded, ultra futuristic “Camp MAGA-Justice” which will be an improvement on Guantanamo Bay, by a long shot, for sure, for sure we’ll do it. And we’ll build more walls with lots of cameras. Lots. Let me tell you, lots of cameras. …. yada yada

It’s all about “loyalty” with Trump. If s/he is not for him, they are against him and will be punished. Lots of one-way tickets to Camp MAGA Justice.

Assange is the “appetizer” in the feast Trump is setting up for himself if/ should/ when he wins the November 2020 election this Fall. His plate will never fill. He will hunger for more and more Activist-appetisers in the coming days and years. He feels entitled to order online and have anyone, anywhere in the world delivered to him.

I began writing my GaslightingAssange series before I learned that Assange had a book in the oven, awaiting publication sometime this year. He wanted to correct the record, counter the false narratives about himself, his work and his legacy and to perhaps offer a clarion cry to other journalists / authors / artists, intellects and activists that they too must be prepared for the attacks to which he was subjected. The book manuscript is unavailable; it is stolen property held in Quito, but likely duplicated and available (for a price) on a secret internet channel to a chosen few.

It is unfortunate that Assange’s personal notebook and manuscript are accessible to US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, DNI, NSA, government hackers et. al.) along with the 110 + terabytes of information on his storage devices, but not available to him, nor his family or lawyers. Assange’s next book would have been his singular effort to have his say, make sure any Wikipedia page about him had the facts, comment on press freedom/ free speech and dispute the narrative that was established over the past decade.

If I were a co-author with Assange on this book, I might suggest he call it “GaslightingAssange”, or “Gaslighting Assange”. But it is not my biography, it is his. Give it back.


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